… a short note and a tutorial (this is Version 2, I will continue to update this note over time, please feel free to leave your comments ….)

Version 1

Jupyterlab, Curvenote, and Overleaf when in tandem solve a major pain point in seamless publishing moving from analysis, reporting, and publishing in a pipeline. In this paper, I am going to describe this action. Let’s take a look at Curvenote, Jupyterlab, and Overleaf in turn.

Here’s the process

Workflow starting from Jupyterlab through Curvenote then through Overleaf and finishing in webpages or preprints

The process runs as follows:

  1. Start with Jupyterlab (self-hosted, hosted on your server, Google Colab, Deepnote, CodeOcean and other similar tools, there…

Hi @Anne Bonner, thank you for posting this **excellent** guide for the perplexed. I hope you will add a part 2 to this tutorial where you will go over markdown, jekyll and liquid templates in similar, step by step hand holding details. One of the interesting things about jekyll and liquid templates is how flexible is the site structure and that the liquid templating language is simple enough to allow creation of pretty looking websites with some coding, not much (compare that with something like a jinja template or gatsby for that matter, :-) ).

## Why Obsidian is a poor choice (yet)

Obsidian might be good, and I have paid for it but it is too clumsy of an app to be a daily driver for personal knowledge management Zettelkasten style. Basically, despite all its high faluting name, Zettelkasten is basically a simple system of notes:

- Each note has an ID (a timestamp is useless in digital age, you should have other more intuitive ways of fixing IDs to your notes)

- Each note should have backlinks and forward links (at least one each, otherwise plenty of them)

- Each note must have…

If you have not used mem.ai yet, you should. It is a great note taking app.

This is how I am setting up mem.ai to work with my notes. Notes can be fleeting or permanent. Fleeting notes are thoughts like these that do not have a definite reference to fall back on. Permanent notes are more structured as these notes are tied to a specific reference.

All notes must have the following five elements around the content:

  • Tags (hashtags)
  • Linked_from
  • Linked_to:
  • Linked_from:
  • Linked_with:
  • Reference

All notes have a content and ID.
Luhmann thought of all notes as atomic. …

First impression of mem.ai

If you have not used mem.ai, you should.

Great note taking tool, does several things well as this article highlights.


It's a one-way street, you can only input information, you cannot take out information from them. If you write an article on mem.ai (the authoring interface is super-nice), but you cannot export the article (copy and past, meh!). There is no support for tables either or no integrated database like Notion.so supports.

A long way to go, but looks promising. I am using it anyway and will continue to use as long as I can.

As of 10th May, 2021, India registered about 400, 000 new positive cases of COVID-19, with nearly 23 million total COVID-19 cases in the country since the beginning of the pandemic, with nearly 80% cases occuring between March and May of 2021. At the time of writing this, the surge in the number of cases continue (see Figure 1, data source: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/india).

Daily new covid cases in India, source: Ourworldindata.org

India covid cases

In parallel with this rapid surge in the number of cases, India has also experienced about 4000 deaths per day between March and May of 2021 and the surge in the number of people dying…

… and what can we do about it?

If we plot the total number of new covid19 cases in India over days, we see a pattern such as this:

India total number of cases in thousands over time

This is by now a familiar story where we see a sharp rise in the number fo cases starting somewhere in March of 2021, rapidly overtaking anything we have seen so far. If we view the slope as well, we see the sharpness of the rise in the number of cases from a year ago, when it was rising gently. …

Oh dear!

From your experience, it seems this VW is neither for the folks as in plebs, nor a great wagon to die for.


Stuck with Tesla.

Where are the Japanese?

… written by “Deans for impact”, see https://carpentries.github.io/instructor-training/papers/science-of-learning-2015.pdf


This document is essentially a table that answers six questions related to human learning, regardless of whether they are in primary school, high school, universities, or professional learning set ups. These questions are as follows:

  1. How do students understand new ideas?
  2. How do students learn and process new information?
  3. HOw do students solve problems
  4. How does leearning transfers to new situations inside and outside classrooms?
  5. What motivates students to learn?
  6. What are the common misconceptions about how students learn?

So let’s take the answers one by one:

How do students understand new…

Arindam Basu

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in: https://refind.com/arinbasu

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