A fantastic travel account of New Zealand, and I’d say as accurate as it gets. Just a couple of things:

If you go to Queenstown from Christchurch through Lake Pukaki, this is the kind of view you get to see.
  1. For city life lovers and food types, Auckland and Wellington should be heaven. Auckland in particular, has an amazing Art Gallery that must not be missed. I’d spend more time in Auckland. There’s much to see and do in Auckland.
  2. Sean Lynch flew from Auckland to Christchurch and then went the West Coast way through the Glaciers (Franz Josef) to Queenstown. A fantastic idea, and a wonderful trip. But you can also drive through Lake Pukaki, take a detour in Mount Cook (and in the process, would have stayed at Mount Cook and tramped), and then would go through Cromwell. The view is of this world.

…. And remember to check the 100% New Zealand page before planning your trip:

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in: https://refind.com/arinbasu

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