Absolutely! Libraries are here to stay and for good reason

Like you, Lance Ulanoff, I too renewed my local library card a few months earlier, and downloaded several apps that let me download and read books, comics, graphic novels, watch movies. I have long commutes and the audiobooks from my library give me company on my long rides. Now I feel guilty why did I not visit my local library more often. Better late than never, :-)

The other benefit is my joining a book club in the local library and getting to know some fascinating people who read (mostly) paper books (they are still from the older generation), but they do not mind when I bring up ebooks to share my experiences of reading the genre they are reading (we have a different style of book club in our local library in Darfield, New Zealand).

Amazon can partner but I wouldn’t want them to replace my library. More power to my local library. It is my connectome to a real world. The old, organic world of book-reading people.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in: https://refind.com/arinbasu

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