In 2019, please stop the firehose of self-styled gurus in Medium on writing, how to lead lives, and data science experts! It’s getting too much!

Medium is rapidly becoming a pandora’s box of rubbish articles; it is so hard to identify brilliant gems of people’s thoughts and innovative ideas these days in Medium. In 2012, when you began, there were fewer articles written by experts and you used to solicit articles from people, not everyone has the privilege to write in Medium. Then, Medium was open to the riff-raffs. For a few years, there were rush of bullet point listicles. Story-tellers struggled in this medium and were lost to us.

Now is the assault of the data science gurus who know nothing but keep peddling their half-witted stuff in the pages of Medium. Then there are “writing gurus”, whose garbage day in and day out make you wonder what happened to the likes of Stephen King and Hemingway and Strunk and Whites of this world. Then there are the peddlers of mindfulness, senseless health nuts, food, and gurus on everything.

Oh Medium, spare us this torture every day. Tweak your algorithms. I do not want to see this nonsense day in and day out. Till I delete my account in the new year!

We want more innovative accounts of real lives, we need more stories, less sermon how to live our lives, less stories on “data science” (we have excellent textbooks to teach us).

What will you do to give us back our wisdom through Medium, Medium Engineering?

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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