Can Medium help me map the network of topics I traversed today and let me remember it?

mathewlowry wrote, “Medium needs to respond, quickly, with a better (than Facebook’s Notes Feature. — AB) narrative”.

I agree. Medium needs to come up with something that makes people stick to Medium, get zapped in the ecosystem, yet get value addition for their stay, and prompt to contribute. For this to happen, Medium needs somehow to develop their strategies to make writings more discoverable across the board.

Comparing with Facebook, seems to that the two platforms target different ordering of the layered information. Medium is about the “content” and the network is across the contents that get connected to each other; people who write them form another layer, where “time to publish” and “time to recommend” and “tags” become the determinants that let articles flow into your system (check this insightful article by Dheeraj Dhobley

This network of aricles and individuals is quite complex and then each response getting its own space is also quite an interesting strategy.

Facebook works the other way round, where you have people at the bottom layer if you wll, who are somehow either form part of a small network and then the ideas circulate within that system (even within groups and pages). As a result, when Facebook copies Medium’s clean interface, it just copies the “face”, not the “soul” of Medium. Whereas Medium is about “forking” of ideas letting ideas jump across. I am still not sure how we can trace back our moving across Medium topics get “etched” in the memory of the “ecosystem of medium”, so that next time when I log back in, Medium knows that today I read about education, food security, veganism, how Medium works, and tried to connect the dots. Perhaps in unravelling the “network of traverse” is where Medium will eventually build value for all of us.

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