First Impression with Blogo for posting to Medium

Not sure how, but just stumbled upon this blogging client Blogo.

Blogo’s appearance is simple. Two panes, some configurations and you can actually post to Blogger, Wordpress, and Medium. Cool.

The interface is responsive. The rich text editor is nice and minimalistic. But the app is still rough on the edges — Markdown does not work (actually messes up things, don’t use this feature), the image import does not work either (despite what they show on their webpage, and all the stuff about “activating” Markdown in the configuration area, hopefully in the next versions it will sort those things out). There are key combinations that you can use to add hyperlinks (like command-l), or add headings but these do not seem to work. These are tucked in the “Format” of the breadcrumb. I see that on my Mac, using a “right click” on this editor, you can bring up a dialog box that will let you post an image

This brings up a dialogue but it does not work as advertised

A few things do not work yet, but would be desirable. I could not get the hyperlinks to work, the images do not show up, and so on. You also cannot edit Medium posts on the client.

Blog has the potential to be a good, clean, nice, free blogging client for Medium. I quite liked the concept but it has a long way to go.


  • These problems only occur if you activate the Markdown mode. If you turn it off in the preferences, Blogo works quite nicely.
Don’t activate the Markdown button

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