Five take away lessons from the XIV HTAi conference

  1. How to use Gradepro and GRADE for health technology assessment. — this is a big theme. GRADE was talked and discussed in a big way in many sessions. I conducted my own workshop on GRADEpro and I was happy to see a fair turnout for the session and several questions, suggestions, ideas, etc pop up.
  2. Genomics and Gene for HTA. —
  3. New search strategies. —
  4. Nutrition and public health approaches as HTA. —
  5. Role of big data and new approaches towards HTA. — Ina Kopp and Christopher Chutes keynote addresses are useful.

List of links and annotations from the conference are here.

Guido Rasi: access path for patients. —

Rapid reviews were a rage.



Eunethta and access to care

Eunethta core model

“Keep the evidence generation or guideline development process separate from the pricing/regulation yet develop the two together”

Brian O’Rourke, CADTH
- Personalised Medicine and HTA presentation
- Kabuki syndrome


Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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