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  • James Fisher

    James Fisher

    I don’t blog here any more; see https://jameshfisher.com. Also see Vidrio for Mac, the holographic presentation app from the future: https://vidr.io

  • John Collis

    John Collis

  • Linode


    Cloud Hosting for You. Sign up today and take control of your own server! Contact us via ticket or email for all support inquiries: https://www.linode.com/contact

  • Mark Ellis

    Mark Ellis

    YouTube guy. I review and talk about tech. https://www.youtube.com/c/markellisreviews

  • Zachary Déziel

    Zachary Déziel

    Product Manager @ Anagraph. Geogeek and outdoor enthousiast. Twitter @zacdezgeo

  • Ed Nico

    Ed Nico

    Passionate about note-taking, travelling, books and investing.

  • Eva Thomas

    Eva Thomas

    Aspiring learner, passionate about physics, math and the world in between, writing about personal experiences, sharing inspiring discoveries

  • Ellane W

    Ellane W

    Graphic designer and educational publisher for more than 30 years. Part-time teacher, full-time light seeker.

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