From where to download and read books without spending money at Amazon

Most public libraries in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ have ebook lending programmes, so if your library is far away or you do not have the time, just use the ebook lending services.

If not, many Salvation Army or Goodwill stores keep books you can buy for a dollar or so (you can get bulk books). Books on sale at libraries, garage sale are other sources.

You can always borrow books from friends (well, remember to return them, just sayin’)

Join a bookcrossing club (

You mean you want new books for free?

Try Smashwords,

Openlibrary, here

Even more books for free? Try

Then there is eponymous Manybooks,

Loyalbooks (formerly Books should be free),

Can’t beat Internet Archive, can you?

Yes you do. Try Library Genesis.

A few sites where you can get loads of books without spending a lot of money.

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