Good riddance, Facebook. Go away forever!

A Fantastic article and what you write here, is truth.

I gave up using Facebook cold turkey one day after getting disgusted with posting behaviour of some of my so-called facebook friends. These people would relentlessly post “stuff”, and I’d go and comment on their posts, and that would be great. But these same people, would never, ever, visit anything that I’d write or post. Now “like” is not the same thing as posting a comment, and this thing went on for some time. At which point, I kind of gave up.

It’s been over a month now, I gave up Facebook. None of my 500+ “friends” in Facebook ever wrote anything to me by way of an email, or have tweeted me personally for anything (messages), it just doesn’t matter. If you are on Facebook and post ‘stuff’ and the messages pop-up in your friends’ feeds, they read/do not read/mindlessly like/whatever, a flow is established, and you feel ‘good’ about it. But that is quite pointless. Your Facebook friends do not care about you as a person.

Kicking the facebook out of my social feed stream has opened up other spaces for me to think, write, and create and find new friends, who actually ‘care’ for the ‘work’ I do, the photos I shoot, the pitches I write, the essays. I did not know these friends exist, because of the headiness and fun of Facebook surfing.

Good riddance, Facebook. Go away forever!

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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