Great thoughts there. Over the weekend I started using Mastodon and as I started learning more about the GNU Social & mastodon and started using it, the more I see a great hive mind and a next generation network emerging much along the same lines you write there. They have localised instances, which can be small, as a matter of fact niche networks, but because each node or instance is part of a much larger federated network, individuals within the instances can get connected to the larger federation. This is not something that walled garden apps will allow; having said that, the business models are different for each instance within the federation. For instance, #mastodon’s creator Eugen Rochko uses Patreon but there is nothing to stop other creators using other revenue pathways. The result is a giant network of instance nodes that organically talk and share data with each other including nodes on gnu social.

It’s massive, its great and I’d say, it is _the_ future of social networking beyond traditional paths if we care to innovate (at the moment it looks like a Twitter clone but significantly better than the bird site. Would love to hear your impression if you are on it.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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