How does one narrow down books on utilitarian view of life?

Interesting collection of books that range from utilitarian notions of happiness (therefore necessarily “fake” happiness) to career development, & business, and that kind of thing. One wonders what is the rationale for choosing these few books, when thousands of books on these topics are written every now and then? I am sure these books will appeal to some people, as it has appealed to Thomas Oppong, I’d be interested to know how he zeroes in on only these few books?

Also, a common trend on book suggestions in Medium this week seems to be when people write about books for startups and life, etc, they do not list stories, and fiction. Is story-reading (as opposed to storytelling) not important in business and the life of techies? What explains this absence of fiction in these lists? Can one not mix fiction with non-fiction? Is it a taboo to read fiction for “Start-uppers”?

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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