How to use matrix and elements for discussions and videoconferencing

Arindam Basu
3 min readApr 30, 2022


Let’s get started

We will talk about the matrix protocol in a later section in this guide but for now, let’s get started using this. Briefly, matrix is a free and open source protocol to use text chats, voice, and video calls. The messaging system is encrypted and you can use matrix to host discussion groups and chats. It is free and open source software and safe to use.

Step 1. Get an app where you can use matrix protocol.

There are several apps (see this page: In this guide, we will use Element three ways:

  • Element on the web
  • Element as an app (Mac app)
  • Element as an Android App

How to use the matrix protocol using Element Web App

When you visit Element’s webpage you see this (this is in May, 2022):

Step 2: Visit Element web:

Step 3: The page you will see after clicking the above link. This will take you to the following webpage

Step 4: Click “Continue in your browser” and this will bring up the following page:

Matrix through elements web app

Step 5: Click “Continue” and it will then ask you to select an app, select web app

Step 6: Sign in. If this is the first time you will be using, create a Matrix account and sign in

It will take a while to synchronise rooms, or most likely if this is your first time, not much.

Step 7: Synchronise with another device if you have also installed elements on your phone (otherwise this page may not show or you can skip)

Step 8: After you verify the account on another device, you will see something like this:

If you have been invited to a room such as Telehealth discussions, you will see instead something like this

This is the point where we will start discussing and using the matrix protocol to chat or share files, etc.

At this point, we are ready to chat and discuss ideas using this app. You can use this app as a chat application, or we can have asynchronous communication, or we can integrate videoconferencing ( and collaborative workspaces to collaborate on project.



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