I read your essay and loved how you put it:

I believe that happiness is merely a byproduct of usefulness.

What makes it interesting to me is your bold statement of turning the commonplace notion of utilitarian view of happiness on its head & declare that, it is not for us to use happiness as a ruse for being useful, rather be useful first and therein lies the source of happiness.

This is a great point, Darius! In the discourse of happiness, this fundamental point is often missed: which is why in almost every definition of happiness we get to see or every measurement we get to see, there is a subjective evaluation of oneself, and aim to define what is the “utility value” of happiness, when it should be the other way round. Glad I found your article!

Keep up the good work. I will keenly watch your writing.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in: https://refind.com/arinbasu

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