Intriguing thesis on the separation between State and the people

Your thesis is interesting and you draw a parallel between Pakistan “State” sponsoring of Terrorism and South African Apartheid, and on that basis promote boycott as a tool. Unfortunately, the situation in India and Pakistan is complicated, not in the least due to their shared heritage. There is a lot of value in your idea that India must lead the world in putting pressure on Pakistan internationally and de-escalate and necessarily eliminate the terror networks they have there. But _that_, I suppose, will be hard by boycotting or dismantling, or disregarding, or disavowing a people-to-people friendly relationship and peace building process.

As you have indicated in general in your essay, let’s not conflate the State with the people. That being so, there is still a need to foster strong India Pakistan common people-to-people ties and friendship, invite players to play in Indian leagues, and musicians and artistes to perform, do that quietly, if needed, without necessarily building the hype and drama around it (it’s not about “Aman ki Asha”, it is about “Aman is the way”. At the same time, from an Indian State perspective, they need to build an international consensus and India should lead the way to put International pressure (this is where boycotting or rejecting International conferences, such as the one in Nepal) just may work.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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