It is OK experimenting with vegan once in life and then switching to a non-vegan lifestyle, but I’d urge you to see things in the right perspective.

Veganism is not a fad (was never one). Veganism is not just about dietary choices (by the way, it is also NOT about loading with carbs, there are enough plant based protein you can eat and get enough micronutrients and vitamins if you are a little careful: plant based proteins are not inferior to animal based protein, they are different, and there are ways to balance everything).

But food is but just one aspect of veganism. The larger aspect of veganism is that it’s a way of life that chooses kindness and sensitivity to the crying needs of planet and compassion at its heart. You can still give veganism a chance. See if other practices of not choosing animal products in your everyday and actively choosing a pro-environmental and less carbon producing way of life works for you. Then, ease into a kinder, gentler way of exercise and diet-choice, use more vegetarian and sustainable food products, less processed and more natural food items. See if these help you ultimately in your healthier ways of life.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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