Medium’s Black Hole Problem

Medium has a black hole: fix it, Medium!

It is, must say, a vexing problem here in Medium, along with what you wrote a few lines down. I use tags, just as you wrote, and it is the same story. What is going on?

Looks like I like your publication and you publish, and the stories are then filtered and reach me in order of “time” when they are posted. So far so good, but as Medium grows and more and more writers join, there is a risk that an individual’s contribution will get hidden in the long list of stories that will start rolling in the reading feed that I get to see. Now, we all know our attention spans on the web, don’t we?

How am I ever going to find the mix of stories I’d love to read, reflect and comment? How can I ever aver stories that I do not like to see here? Are tags really our friends here? What if the author “miswrote” the tags, or changed the tags on a story? I see Medium inserting tags based on some keywords in the story it picks up; can Medium extend this a little more and add some filtering based on how it senses some stories and match them with the potential readers?

Seems to me that Medium needs to provide its readers like us tighter control on what we’d like to see, when, and how. Not all of us connect to Medium all the time, and when we do, there are interesting stories that get buried. QED: I do not see the stories I’d like to read, and my author does not get to see the stats he or she’d like to see on the stories. It demotivates both of us.

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