My take on the rule of 75:25, micro-expertise, and time block: Alex Mather principle of mastery of many things

Alex Mathers has suggested the following:

  1. You can go for everything that you want to strive for, with parallel projects and all, but have a main project or main focus; he suggests split it at 75:25; I’d say even an 80:20 split should be fine.
  2. Be a micro-master of the “side projects”, that is, you do not have to be a master at each one you strive to attempt (other than the main project), just go deep in one or few aspects of the side projects.
  3. Set time blocks and monitor your time as you get to your various interests.

Together, these are great pointers as to how you can accomplish your interests and develop mastery in a range of activities. However, the point to note here is the focus on doing one thing as a main focus and finding it. Find it early or ASAP, or otherwise you will inevitably get drawn out too thin. Also, if you side projects are related to the main theme, it helps to use this principle of micromastery of focusing on tiny bits and pieces and developing expertise in each one of them. Setting time blocks is the most straight-forward advice of all as it is _the_ way to go about doing stuff if you have a long agenda to accomplish.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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