Need an intelligent agent for feeds

Yes to Conor O’Shea on this one!

In turn, this will usher what may be a paradigm shift. The existing paradigm in social media apps and blogs and sites is based on an assumption: publish stories on the feed based on time when a story arrives. This serves great with news item as relevancy based on time alone matters. It also works great with twitter like feed organisation, where immediacy of breaking news, and currency is relevant, and indeed with the blog posts and RSS. In theory, it should also work well if my author or favourite author should be prolific enough to write consistently, regularly, or perhaps at times when he or she senses when his or her audience are likely to be online to read the piece. Here, tools like Buffer are great friends for authors. Then again, not everyone uses Buffer or feels like fine tuning their presentations with the algorithm that Buffer uses.

How does this time wise filtering and presentation of content work well with Medium? If I like Matter, then, I should be able to access Matter’s stories on my feed (latest ones first? most hearted/upvoted ones first?) when I log in as well, as Conor suggests. Then again, I should be able to fine tune which stories and which tags.

I like tags, but perhaps some sort of curation and harmonisation with metadata on the articles and tags would work (just sounding out loud). As a user, I wouldn’t like to miss stories from any of my favourite writers (nor would they like that I miss theirs), publications, and tags. At the same time I’d like to discover new ones.

As a reader and daily user of Medium, it’d be great for me if Medium were more of a social network of ideas and stories layered on the network of people. At some stage, I’d like to see a shift in the paradigm of story presentation.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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