Notes on Joplin Notetaking tool

Arindam Basu
4 min readDec 15, 2022
Joplin Notetaking tool

What is Joplin

  • Free Open Source notetaking app
  • Feature rich but all your payments are optional (that said, I strongly encourage to pay for their services and this thing, too good a product to get for free when you can easily pay tens of dollars for other products that are not even as good as this one, :-) )
  • Lives here:
  • Available in all platforms including a terminal application
  • UI has three panes (actually four panes)
  • Allows github flavoured markdown
  • Extensive plug in system so that if some feature is missing, you will likely to find a plug in to work and plugins are free, and you can even make your own plug in if you want


  • Syncs via Dropbox but also other options
  • You can use Joplin cloud, inexpensive cloud hosting of Joplin files with some additional features like web page hosting and file storage; if you use Dropbox, you should not have any issues, but good to help Joplin keep lights on
  • Excellent cross-platform support and you can use within Windows, Macs, iPads, Android devices, linux boxes — everywhere the behaviour is same, this is fantastic. The experience is seamless, but you will need to connect this thing using Dropbox or other tools that you will need to manually configure. Once configured everything works
  • Keep Joplin in the tray or wherever; keep it activated because you want to take notes and want to use it everywhere

Notes on UI and usage

  • Gives you four panes side by side:
  • Notebook pane, lists notebooks and tags
  • Note list pane, lists notes for the selected notebook or selected tag; this is an index for instance

How are notebooks, tags and notes displayed:

  • Notebooks and tags in ascending…
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