Notes on Joplin Notetaking tool

Arindam Basu
4 min readDec 15, 2022
Joplin Notetaking tool

What is Joplin

  • Free Open Source notetaking app
  • Feature rich but all your payments are optional (that said, I strongly encourage to pay for their services and this thing, too good a product to get for free when you can easily pay tens of dollars for other products that are not even as good as this one, :-) )
  • Lives here:
  • Available in all platforms including a terminal application
  • UI has three panes (actually four panes)
  • Allows github flavoured markdown
  • Extensive plug in system so that if some feature is missing, you will likely to find a plug in to work and plugins are free, and you can even make your own plug in if you want


  • Syncs via Dropbox but also other options
  • You can use Joplin cloud, inexpensive cloud hosting of Joplin files with some additional features like web page hosting and file storage; if you use Dropbox, you should not have any…



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