Travel to Ryde Falls in June of 2019

This is the gateway to Ryde falls, tucked in Oxford hills close to Waimakariri gorge in the Wharfdale track.

As you start walking to the Falls, you walk through a serene forest of ferns, and dense growth. We wished NZ Department of Conservation did some maintenance on the track as some parts of the track was quite difficult to pass and had soft mud that was difficult to traverse. But what is tramping without its challenges?

From here, a mountain track winds up and sidles the hillside through a forest of black beech trees. You can see the honeydew hanging from the dark bark of the trees and a mild aroma of the honey hangs in the air. The wood was lovely and dark at places.

The forest passes through magnificent trees. Some are signposted and you can learn a fair bit about their foliage. We walked on and came to a point where we could learn about the track’s history:

We walked some more, and came to rest by the side of this placid mountain stream. After two hours of long walk through the woods, our tired legs needed a rest and we rested by the side of this stream. The soft musical sound of the stream flowing past was soothing. You could almost meditate on the spot. But we moved on

At last we reached the Ryde falls. As you see, it is a three tier waterfall tucked deep in the woods. The walk was long and through the dense forest, but the end was worth it. A quiet pool, song of the birds flying by, a quiet waterfall that had three cascades and flowed into the stream below was very soothing. We could have gone further up for a different view, but we decided to rest here before turning back.

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