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Alan Foster writes, “ Medium is really “clean” and I want to use it, but I’m not sure how to share stories with my students and friends. When something is published here, it seems to disappear into the ether. Any direction?

I struggled with the same problem for a while. Then I realised:

  1. I need to share Medium stories on social media (twitter, facebook,, others). Just share the link and see how it draws people to your story
  2. Your followers get to see your stories anyway and if they like, they will spread the love, :-)
  3. Start a publication and push your story to that publication.
  4. Then, embed the publication in a learning management system (such as Moodle).
  5. Write helpful comments on others’ stories. Aim to add rich content.
  6. I have seen most of my popular articles have come from those stories that I have written on other people’s posts
  7. Select contextual “tags”.
  8. Change the tags from time to time and see how it attracts different traffic from time to time.

I realise now, the writings actually do not “disappear” (although it seemed that way). They appear on the reading lists of our followers on their timelines. Also, if someone is surfing Medium using a specific tag, the story gets on to that list as well. So, try recirculating some old stories from time to time and see how people respond to those stories. Medium also makes it easy to add comments and notes to stories and lets you edit the old stories.

Medium is its own example. This is a great platform to share long to medium length contents. The diversity, the range of ideas, and the opportunity of building discussions are great. Medium may look like a blog, but it is more than just a blog. The fine grains of idea sharing here is great.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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