Speaking of Fiction, is Stephen King on Medium?

I’d speculate Medium would be a good fiction/graphic novel/comics building and dissemination site. At least over the last couple of months of my browsing here, I found some great writing and graphic fictions (The Nib, Tom Farr’s writings are the ones that immediately come to mind). I am sure there are others. I have also started following some excellent long form writing in Medium (some fiction work, some non-fiction work). The more interesting change that I start observing within is that, because of the site design perhaps, I plan on writing fiction like work or design/draw here more (many of these are yet unlisted so cannot put a link yet), and also at the least, I feel encouraged to write longer forms of writing. The interface is so lucid, the design is so beautiful here, that nothing else will quite work for me. I have been using Scrivener for instance for all my offline work and will continue to do so (particularly given that Medium yet does not support version control and some other fine tuning needed for research based heavy writing), but having said that, I think as an interface, Medium is second to none. It is not exactly minimalistic (it allows some white space that is pleasant, but not too much) and then there are opportunities of word -> paragraph level commenting, plus larger commenting and recommendation space, plus sharing spaces throughout and you can use these features without effort. None of the existing online/offlne solutions can quite match these features.

I believe that (for wrong or not) that Medium can be a great place to share short stories and snippets of your work and then draw in audience or readers and provide them with samples of your work and build critiques, seek ideas, fork ideas from here to elsewhere, and learn/use the platform. Longer, serialised forms of writing with dedication can be done as well. Here I am concerned that I do not know how one may take out the story out of Medium and transform it to say ePub/mobi/pdf/word format for further processing.

All in all, I see a great future in Medium for longer -> serious form of writing. I’d very much like to see a side of Medium maturing to produce scholarly communication. Some early indications (early in the sense that Medium is still not that old, less than five years since inception) are with PloS One group of journals (for example check out Plos One Ecology Field Reports).

Who knows, we may yet see a new genre of fiction emerging through this medium — part fiction, part non-fiction. Is Stephen King on Medium?

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in: https://refind.com/arinbasu

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