Spot the bullshit: false intellectualisation of the dichotomy between Bharat and India

It is an epic fail to falsly dichotomize between India and Bharat; this inellectualisation is baseless and has no ground whatsoever. There is no dichotomy, there is none other. India and Bharat are the same.

Bharat is the ancient geographical identity of India as enshrined in the Vishnupurana that states,

“Uttaram yat samudrasya
Himadreschaiva Dakshinam
Varsham tad Bharatam noma
Bharati Yatra Santatih”

(“The country that lies to the north of the ocean and to the south of the snowy mountains is called Bharata where dwell the descendants of Bharat”). The Indian constitution makes it clear that India and Bharat are interchangeable entities. India derived its name from the tract of land that lay about the Indus valley: another aspect of geographical ideation of India.

Geography did not confer a separate social/intellectual split; neither was that the idea, nor that happened in real life. Bharat is not enshrined in the villages of India only, the idea of a grassroot, down to the tradition idea of India is enshrined in the minds of millions of Indians who are tethered in their homes and hearth both in the cities and country. Education in India’s primary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions honour languages across the length and breadth of this great country: its silly and simplistic and plain rougish to find dichotomy where none exists.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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