Sri Aurobindo is still teaching

Arindam Basu
1 min readApr 6, 2024

Life divine is an amazing book.

The book has radical ideas.

Life is everywhere, even apparently inert objects or Matter has life.

Embedded or nascent in matter is Life, and embedded in Life is Mind and within Mind is nascent Supermind.

Then on the surface, our myriad little selves, each isolated from each other, are like bubbles on a river (this is The Buddha’s metaphor, but Sri Aurobindo would not differ).

If we were to let go of our egos, and were to look within, we would tap into the vast Supermind. But the barrier is our ignorance.

Death in this scheme is like a necessity of the hidden life form to break out of the mould.

Sri Aurobindo talks of life as the eater eating being eaten in the world. The external world is gnawing at us all the time. At the same time, we are nibbling at it, and this is with our craving, our demands. Internally the life is eating us from inside and rebuilding at the same time.



Arindam Basu

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