The Web as an Idiom: In response to Mathelowry

Thanks mathewlowry for an eye opener of a post; absolutely, I agree to this. This (the fundamentally different environment) is a great point.

From this perspective, I indeed digressed from Hossein Derakhshan’s main thesis about the demise of the hyperlinked web that he has emphasised. This is a point that I do appreciate, respect, and of course agree with. I can see that this “walled garden” of apps within the framework of Internet (as opposed to the fundamental principle of hyperlinked document driven web) is not just restrictive, it is disruptive.

Having said that, I also think that our current usage of the apps and the web and the rise of connected lives and devices and television and cars, and watches, and “nests” will transcend even the restriction and struggle of apps/networking to keep us in chains. With these diversity of devices and checks and balances, are we not already scripting a different idiom of hyperlinked “web” if you will. in this idiom, we have the apps and devices are the nodes, as units that connect us within the backbone of the Internet. It is similar to the way documents were connected with one another in the world of hypelinked documents. Only the layer of abstraction has become a lot more complex.

At the end of the day, I hope that human creatitvity and interconnectivity will create interconnected channels that will break open the silos. We shall reconfigure how we want our information to be channelled in whichever ways we want. This is where in spirit and essence Hossain’s idiom of “the web” will continue to thrive as I see it.

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