Today, the World Lost a Great Innovator and Designer

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, India’s former (11th)president, the great Indian rocket scientist, and innovator passed away today in Shillong, India, while lecturing to students at India’s IIM. writes,

The world of design and innovator community has a lot to mourn today. President Kalam was an innovator and a designer in the true sense of the term. He transcended disciplines; for years, heart surgeons in India used an inexpensive cardiac stent (“Kalam Raju stent”) that he designed; he designed India’s first indigenous hovercraft (didn’t see the light of day due to bureacracy), and a lot more.

A designer at heart and an innovator, a square peg in the round hole of the impossible politics in India, Dr Kalam will live in the heart of his followers forever. A sad day today, but also one when we must redeem ourselves to honour the ever pathfinder innovator designer.

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