Sketchnotes: some thoughts

Tom, while reading your post I thought of how about developing web comics using the sketch notes principle? That is, all characters/scenes are drawn using the five elements (box, triangle, oval, lines, and points), speech bubbles, arrows, cursive writing, and word art. Scenes are drawn in blocks from left to right and from top down (as in comics). I searched if there were web instances, didn’t find any but then I did not search deeply as well. In the past I have drawn or tried to draw figures based on research articles, and the results weren’t too bad (I could review and would make sense to me)

Perhaps pick up a short story and give it a shot this week sometime. Just wanted to put a few links for resources:

Some Resources

Mike Rohde’s classic books

Sketchnote Army Flickr Site

Here’s a beautiful set of infodoodles (sketchnotes)

Sacha Chua has done a fair amount of sketchnotes with books

Core77 design had a couple of tutorials

Here’s a nice tutorial from Smashing magazine, here’s also some inspiration about using sketchnotes as comics (not quite but useful)

Here’s another nice tutorial from UXmastery

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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