Trump’s academia and India’s Internet Trolls

Trump’s apologists in the academia are playing a dangerous game, no one knows at this stage what the consequences will be.

A similar although in different context, we have seen the emergence of a troll army on the Internet and social networking sites in India. At the same time, wanton disregard for human rights and social justice now prevails in the country. The signs are ominous there as well. Pew research has found India as a country with very high levels of religious hostility; a few days ago, the Army in the Indian occupied Kashmir was reputed to have flouted the norms of Geneva convention by using a civilian as a “human shield”; anyone who would point out the human rights problems with these issues are viciously attacked by a group of Indians on various social media channels and rebuked, parodied, shamed, and ridiculed. The silence among the academics against this dangerous tendency in India is really worrisome.

In times like this, there is a case for academics to show the way.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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