Two things to hope for

Impressed with Ev Williams, the founder of Medium, where he recently ended a story thus,

“Lessons learned. Much to do”

I appreciate that this piece of self confession has a history (read the parent article in full and the links about the AirBNB story contained). That said, I find his writing a remarkable piece for two reasons.

First, he reflected openly about his perception of his perceived insensitivity in one of Medium’s own in-house publications. In an age of transient online communication, when everything is short lived and fleeting, I find this single act of confession, I must say, humane and have touched me. I hope I knew around more people with this level of grit and courage to openly write and introspect.

Second, and somewhat curiously, Ev complained about a rather frustrating aspect of commenting feature in Medium that many of us have written about for some time now, the frustration of developing a conversation around comments to stories. Much as this feature of comment becoming its own story is useful and utilitarian in the sense of preventing offensive posts and reducing ugliness, it has nevertheless come at the price of lack of intense engagement. I hope something will come out of this experience and we shall soon see improved comments feature in Medium.

Looks like another incremental step forward. Another thing to hope for. For me the highlight was this expression of courage and grit.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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