Why Medium is a natural home for Scholarly Publications

Great to see this, Erik P.M. Vermeulen, this is a topic close to my heart for years now. Like you, I think Medium is a great place to share stories and publications. I have even started putting my own research on twin studies on Medium, here:

Medium provides great opportunities for rapid dissemination of knowledge, instant feedback, scholarly engagement, ‘highlighting’ feature is a great way to emphasise real time real world high impact phrases. The publication structure of Medium is a fascinating mechanism to build full stack scholarly information archival and dissemination. The powerful blending with social media (twitter and facebook) are great.

What’s missing in Medium are referencing, tables, and managing DOIs, but none of these are deal breakers. Medium can very well be excellent natural home for preprints and drawing in peer-reviews (open or blind peer review for vetting research as it has “private link” options).

Question is: when will we see Medium taking off in that direction?

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in: https://refind.com/arinbasu

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