How to build Niklas Luhmann style Zettelkasten system with logseq and Curvenote

Niklas Luhmann, the prolific German sociologist and the inventor of the Zettelkasten system did not work with Obsidian or Zettler or Notion. He died even before Google was born: his system was analog and remarkably efficient because he used a filing system using (1) free note taking tools which were…

Logseq is an outliner and for capturing fleeting notes, use it on the web
Zotero for all your literature notes
Obsidian for permanent notes
Medium for blogging and long form thought pieces
Curvenote for data driven and scholarly work

Here’s how and why:


Install logseq on your github repo and…

Zettelkasten is all over the place these days. People are writing about note taking and zettels and apps such Obsidian, Logseq, Roam, … (links deliberately not posted).

Yet, if you think from the first principles, all you need is basically a system where you will “externalise your thoughts” (as Srinivasa…

Very interesting article. I could not understand your point of using vscode for editing notebooks, sounds almost a Sisyphysean effort to me. If you do not like the sluggishness or interface of Jupyter, how about Pluto.jl or Neptune.jl? I use vscode with Julia on its own and really find it great. The other thing, I haven’t tried but I have heard good things about it is using hydrogen with atom editor with Julia as inferior process.


Fleeting notes
More permanent notes
Six components
1. A title
2. Note identifier (date time format)
3. Linked from
4. Linked to
5. Note content

6. Hashtags

  • What will you note?
  • One note, one content, one topic,

Do not mix topics
Connect topics instead

Feynman technique

Five things
1. Note down things you…

… makes sense

Health authorities in NZ have identified a single case of a person in the community today. A person in a North Island town was identified with Covid19 positive, but we do not know as yet if this person was infected with delta variant. Within hours, even with…

… what does the literature tell us

This is an “annotated” webliography presented on Medium.

How did we get to this?


  • Duckduckgo with “Vaccine Hesitancy”
  • Pubmed with “Vaccine Hesitancy”…

… seven

Toxicology is the study of toxins.

What are toxins?

One, a toxin causes damaging health effects

Two, toxin is about dose (this is Paracelsus Principle), in some dose…

… The giants have arisen, again!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, India used to rule the hockey fields. …

Arindam Basu

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Also in:

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